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Relaxation, Sports, Swedish, Oncology, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue & Hot Stone


I offer the above options for massage. Most sessions can be a combination of several modalities, depending on the clients needs and desires. Please inquire about this after booking your appointment.

30 minutes for $40  |  60 minutes for $70  |  90 minutes for $95
Hot stones can be added to any massage for $10

All massages include hot towels to aid in clients' relaxation and to remove excess lotion and oils.

Back Massage
Black Spa Stones

What Massage is Best for Me?

River View Massage Shelburne Falls MA

Traditional Swedish | Relaxation Massage

This style of massage is what most people think of when they think of massage. One of the primary goals is to relax the entire body with long gliding strokes, generally in the direction of blood returning to the heart.  Swedish massage can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, flexibility and mobility, along with helping to relieve stress and anxiety.  It is certainly a great introduction to massage, and while it is usually somewhat lighter to moderate in pressure, it can be deeper if that’s your preference.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, or even just occasionally overexert yourself in the yard. The type of massage will vary depending on where you are in your training cycle and how close you are before or after an event or competition. Massage can be a great recovery tool at any time during your training, to work on specific needs or overall relaxation and focus.  After a hard workout, competition, event or race, sports massage can help relive some of the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), aid in recovery and is beneficial for your overall health and well-being. Deeper work is usually reserved for earlier in the training cycle or even the 'off season', and not advised for at least 72 hours prior to your event, competition or hard workout. Muscles and soft tissue can take time to recover after deep work, and  the goal is for you to arrive at your event at peak performance. The massage can be general or focused on specific areas and muscle groups. Sports massage is designed to relieve muscle tension and soreness, increase flexibility and mobility, increase blood flow to affected areas, help relieve any anxiety and provide a general sense of wellbeing. There may be deep tissue or trigger point work and light to deep stretching to achieve a full range of motion. Although chronic issues may take more than one session for full effectiveness, many clients see benefits immediately, especially for minor ailments. 

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage involves firm pressure and slower strokes to go deeper into the layers of muscle and fascia, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. You may be slightly sore for a day or two afterwards as the muscles repair themselves, just like after a hard workout. This is beneficial because similar to working out, repair is how muscles grow stronger. However, it does not have to be painful to be effective. The idea is to go slowly and deeply into the tissues to alleviate tight muscles and improve function, elasticity and mobility. Although deep tissue work is often beneficial, I don’t recommend it for first time clients, until you know what to expect from massage.


Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point work generally involves deeper work in specific areas that which refer out to other areas of the body. Often, but not always, when working on a tight muscle, the client will notice pain or other sensation in an other part of the body. Trigger point therapy can be a good way to release constricted areas in the muscles, helping to relax them and  alleviate pain. It differs from deep tissue work generally in the duration of the pressure applied and in the type of strokes used. 


Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is for clients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are either undergoing treatment or in recovery. If you are in treatment, your doctor's approval is necessary before the massage. Care is taken to ensure your comfort and safety with positioning, using extra bolsters and cushions as needed. I can adjust the pressure and duration of the massage to suit your needs, attend to your temperature sensitivities and offer extra time or assistance in getting on or off the table. Just as in any other situation, oncology massage can be a very effective tool to relieve muscle soreness, improve circulation, flexibility and mobility, decrease anxiety and enhance mood and overall quality of life.

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